Crux Supply Co.

Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl


Lightweight and stylish, this stainless steel shaving bowl fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, helping you perfect your morning ritual. Pairs perfectly with our shave bar and shaving brush!

Approximately 2.8" inches wide and 2" tall.

Shaving creams that come in plastic packaging and aerosol cans

Drop shave bar into the bottom of shaving bowl. Add a small splash of water to soap and begin to brush bar to create foam. Continue brushing until you have enough of the thick lather to work with. Add a few additional drops of water if needed.

Apply lather to skin using brush and shave as usual.

Once shaving is complete, pour out any excess water from cup or bowl, rinse soap from brush, shake off excess water and allow to dry bristles down for next use. Soap bar and bubbles remain in bowl to dry, lather will be reactivated with water during next use.

Stainless steel

In 2013, Crux Supply Co. set out on a mission to develop better skincare and grooming products for men. In an industry overrun by harsh chemicals and deceptive labeling, they want to be known for honesty and simplicity. They make every formula by hand in small batches in rural Pennsylvania. Their collection is growing to address the gamut of grooming needs, from shaving to skincare. Through it all, their passion remains: products of integrity for those who follow suit.

The paper box is recyclable. Stainless steel is meant to last a lifetime, however, it is infinitely recyclable in metal recycling streams. Find a scrap metal yard who accepts household items or bring back to the store so that we can recycle it properly.

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