Bamboo Switch

Natural Shave Brush


Get a cleaner and closer shave with this Shaving Brush. With the soft Goat hair bristles you won’t be scratching or irritating the skin on your face, rather you will be exfoliating and prepping the skin and hairs for a clean cut shave. This is the ideal and perfect addition to your shaving kit: the Bamboo handle and flat base makes for easy storage and less clean up and the Goat Hair bristles helps lifts hairs away from the skin to make shaving faster and easier.

The bristles: The shave brush is super soft, it is especially ideal to use on sensitive skin as it's extremely gentle. It has just enough stiffness to create a rich lather but not overly stiff to cause irritation

Directions: Wet brush with warm water, add shave cream or soap, work into a lather and apply to skin before shaving. Rinse brush after use.

Plastic and synthetic shaving brushes.

Rinse and let dry after each use. Store bristle side down. 

100% Bamboo Handle.  Goat Hair Bristles. 

We are parents who want better for the generation we are raising and beyond. Our journey started from the realization that a beach should not be filled with litter and washed up plastic waste. That walk led us to find products to start our eco journey. Others were limited and not trustworthy. So, with heart and determination we did better for our family, your family and every family. Bamboo Switch is an Eco Lifestyle brand that encourages people to “make the switch” to a zero-waste life. Our products are thoughtfully designed for utility and beauty. We believe that your eco journey starts small and grows. We are not here to preach or shame but to educate and share. A zero-waste life is our ultimate goal. Sustainability is the foundation of Bamboo Switch. We choose to see the beauty in the world while recognizing the sometimes-sad consequences when we choose convenience over zero waste. Please join us on our journey and let us walk with you on yours.

With the goat hair bristles and bamboo handle, the entire brush is compostable.

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