Our Story

Hi! We're Jess and Ben.
We are Broadway performers who are passionate about the environment. We started The Unwaste Shop to provide a space for people who are looking to live more sustainably. We welcome everyone, from zero wasters to those who are at the very beginning stages of their sustainable journey.

Call to action

A few years ago, we started implementing small changes in our household to minimize our impact on the planet.
We began using natural bath and body products, transitioned to plastic-free alternatives for everyday items, and started cooking more plant-based. When the pandemic hit and our shows closed, we began reprioritizing what was important to us. Jessica started pursuing a Master of Natural Resources in Global Sustainability and quickly realized she wanted to share what she was learning with others. We began brainstorming the best way to combine our passion for sustainable living with the information Jess was learning from school and...
The Unwaste Shop was born!
Our personal journey toward sustainable living has taught us that it is equally challenging and rewarding, so we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you! Every product in The Unwaste Shop has been tested and pre-approved by us. We understand how much work it takes to find eco-friendly products that have natural ingredients, sustainable packaging, and transparent business practices, so we’ve done all the research for you. We only offer our favorite products and love everything we sell in our store. Many of the brands we carry are a combination of local, small businesses, women-owned, or Certified B Corporations!
We hope you will join us in striving to live more sustainably. Please let us know if you have any questions along the way!

-Jess and Ben

Our Mission

At The Unwaste Shop, we support a circular economy and promote reuse and recycling. By sending as little as possible to the landfill, we hope to lessen our (and your!) environmental impact and leave a healthy planet for future generations. Our goal is to provide sustainable alternatives to everyday items. We believe that by supporting brands that align with our values, we can help mitigate the climate crisis and create a healthier future for all. People over profit. Always.  

What We're Doing:


Diverting Waste From Landfills

Almost all the items in our store are compostable or recyclable! Many of the products come package free, so nothing needs to get thrown away.


Transitioning Toward a Circular Economy

Our current linear economy of take-make-waste is not sustainable. Our refill station promotes the reuse of containers which eliminates the need for new packaging every time you make a purchase.


Encouraging Conscious Consumerism

We believe individual actions make a difference in combating the climate crisis. Every time you make a purchase, you’re voting with your wallet.