Albatross Designs

Vegan Wood Shaving Brush


Our vegan Shaving Brush is perfect to complete your zero waste shaving kit and ensures you'll get the most out of your Albatross Shaving Soap. The extra-soft, vegan bristles efficiently create a thick lather which helps less soap last longer.

Traditionally, shaving brushes were made from badger or boar hair. While technically natural fibers, the cruelty animals face while caged and farmed for their hair is simply unacceptable to us. 

These Recycled Nylon bristles are designed to be sustainable and durable, the Shaving Brush will help you get the best shave possible for years to come!

Use to create a thick lather for your shave soap. Generally use with shave bar in container or bowl for best results.

Rinse after use and let dry.

Bristles are made from recycled nylon fibers, handle is wood.

Albatross Designs is a design company focused on creating products that yield a positive environmental benefit. They started in 2016 with the goal of "Eliminating Plastic from Shaving," and since then, they have been immensely satisfied with the overwhelming willingness of all types of people from around the world who have given Zero Waste Shaving a try. They offer a blade take back program where they upcycle used, double edged safety razor blades.

Designed to last, but the bristles can be cut off and put in trash while the handle can be composted

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