Juniperseed Mercantile

Reusable Mop Pads (for Swiffers)


Wash. Mop. Reuse. These thick and highly textured cotton reusable mop pads will keep your home sparkly clean! Made to fit Swiffers (or other similar convenience mopping systems) simply poke the reusable mop pads into the holes on the four corners and live your plastic-free cleaning dream! 

Available in two mop sizes:

9"x12" (Classic) - includes 3 pads of this size

11"x18" (Large Mop) - includes 3 pads of this size

Single use, disposable sweeper dry and wet pads 


9″x12″ to fit standard Swiffer (11"x5"), Clorox Ready Mop, and similar standard mop systems (holes in each corner of top of  mop)

11"x18" to fit Swiffer Max (17″x5″) and similar large mop systems (holes in each corner of top of mop

These are just as good as the dry disposable mopping pads for dry dusting, but they really SHINE as a damp mop pad. Simply dampen the cloth with floor cleaner or soapy water or whatever you like to use, attach to your mop and go to town.  Or you can spray your cleaner right onto the floor and use the cloth to mop it dry.

Wash separately before use. Machine wash warm with like colors or hand wash. Tumble dry low or air dry. To keep your pads at maximum absorbency, avoid fabric softeners and chlorine bleach. May be wrung out, dried, and reused several times before laundering. Mops are made to allow for about 1/2" shrinkage, but avoid drying at high temperatures.

Cotton chenille, cotton thread

Paper band, Handmade in CO

Juniperseed Mercantile began as somewhat of an entrepreneurial accident: as a chemistry nerd, science teacher, and young mother, Tiffany was frustrated by the high premium environmentally conscious consumers like herself were paying for everyday essentials branded as “natural”. With her science background and love of crafting, she started making her own lotions, soaps, and other body care products to keep things affordable and earth-friendly. Juniperseed Mercantile was born when Tiffany teamed up with her mom, Joan, and together they created an impressive catalog of all the things you could possibly need to clean and pamper yourself, someone else, and your home. All of their products are handmade in their workshop in Colorado.

These reusable mop pads are compostable.

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