Brush With Bamboo

Straw Cleaner


Long-lasting and durable, these drinking straw cleaners are made from Agave Fiber and steel! When the agave fibers become wet, the fibers become more flexible, allowing them to be used for cleaning drinking straws of virtually any diameter. Perfect for all your reusable straw cleaning needs!

Conventional straw cleaning brushes made with nylon

Let dry after each use.

Agave, stainless steel

Brush with Bamboo was founded to address the global plastic pollution crisis. The company is passionate about rejuvenating environmental health and human health. In 2011, they launched the world's first bamboo toothbrush. In 2014, they launched the world's first toothbrush made with plant-based bristles. In 2018, we launched the world's first toothbrush made with USDA Certified 100% Biobased bristles and FSC certified bamboo.

Remove agave fibers and compost them. The stainless steel handle can be recycled in metal recycling. Find a scrap metal yard that accepts household items or bring back to store so that we can recycle it properly. 

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