Leaf Razor Grip Sleeve


The people behind Leaf Razors are constantly looking for ways to make shaving more comfortable! They hit the nail on the head with this razor grip sleeve. No more grip slip?  Yes, please! A perfectly balanced design that’s made to last, rinses clean easily, and looks great on your razor.

Don't know how to store your Leaf Razor? Need other accessories for your Leaf Razor? Check out the Leaf Razor Stand! Extra blades sold here.

Disposable plastic razors or using a slippery handled razor.

The Leaf Grip Sleeve is molded to perfectly fit the taper on your Leaf Razor handle. Thus, if you try to install it "dry" it'll be tough to slide on, and you may rip the silicone.

Step 01 - Get ready to slide. Wet the handle of your Leaf razor and apply a little bit of soap for some extra slippy slidy. 

Step 02 - Slide it on. Slide the Leaf Grip Sleeve onto the handle. Start with the 'small' opening side (it's tapered to match the handle taper). The waffle pattern should be 'on top' of the razor as you install it like in the picture

Step 03 - Rinse thoroughly. Set the height you want it at (I like to pull it up to the 'y' of the handle). Then rinse the whole handle thoroughly making sure to rinse the soap away from around the grip, under the grip and all around. You'll feel it suction to the handle once the soap is properly rinsed away.

You're good to go!

Keep dry between uses.

Silicone grip

Paper box

Leaf uses innovation to challenge the status quo. That means re-building products that you use daily from the ground up, and looking creatively at what they can bring to the table that’s new. Leaf packages and ships 100% plastic-free. They measure, record and aggressively offset the carbon footprint of their organization and they financially support climate action non-profit work (The Adaptation Fund in 2019). Designed in Pittsburgh, co-founders Adam and Adam's goal is for every person to ditch disposable plastics for their plastic-free shave.

For all silicone recycling, we recommend reaching out to GoSili at admin@gosili.com. They sell really cool silicone cups and offer a take back program for all sorts of silicone products. 


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