Coffee Sock


Quick Description

These reusable cotton filters can be used for a wide variety of coffee brewers from pour over to drip to traditional cones and baskets of various sizes. Check out the nut milk option!

An economical version to the standard paper filter. Coffee Socks are just 25% of the premium paper filter’s cost. Each pack lasts about 1 year and replaces approximately 500 paper filters. 

Brew, rinse, hang to dry! Oil buildup will increase with ground contact time. To remove oil build up we suggest boiling your filter every 6-8 weeks (or as is necessary) to remove any oil build up. Boil for 10 minutes in fresh water. Repeat if build up is heavy. Add a teaspoon of baking soda or distilled vinegar to the boil to freshen, as is necessary.

Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, non toxic.

CoffeeSock began to craft filter in 2011. We have focused on creating a premium filter made from sustainable materials at an economical cost. There is not compromise with CoffeeSock. A richer, cleaner brew, an honest product at economical price, a healthier planet and rewarding ritual. Made by hand in Austin, Texas.

All filters are sewn and packaged by happy human beings making a fair and living wage. CoffeeSock is dedicated to keeping manufacturing in the US and while it is currently not possible to obtain the 100% of the fabric that we need as US made, the team is continually seeking that opportunity.

Each sock lasts for about 500 uses. Once end of life comes, you may place in compost. Cutting the sock into 1 inch pieces will hasten decomposition.

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