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Beard Care Kit


Tame that beautiful beard with this beard care kit! It includes:

  • Beard Comb
  • Beard Brush
  • Beard Oil (Evergreen)
  • Beard Balm (Evergreen)

Move over tiny plastic beard comb! Zerfiro's stylish, wooden Beard Comb has both small and wide teeth to keep your beard under control. Soften and tame those unruly whiskers with Zefiro's soft bristled, plastic free Beard Brush!

You’ve been growing a glorious beard, but have you been taking care of it? If your bristles are prickly and your skin is dry and itchy then Lovett Sundries Conditioning Beard Oil is just what you need! Moisturizing oils are carefully blended into a concoction that absorbs quickly and leaves you with a smooth and supple face hiding behind that soft and manly scruff. 2 fl oz

Lovett Sundries Beard Balm will tame and soften your unruly whiskers, leaving them shiny, thick and gorgeous! The evergreen scent will keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. 1.05 oz

Beard Comb: Avoid leaving the comb in a pool of water.

Beard Brush: As with all natural brushes, be sure to store them in a way that keeps water from pooling on the handle. 

Beard Oil: Apply a few drops to your palm and work thoroughly into beard.

Beard Balm: Scoop out a dab with the back of your thumbnail, warm it in your hands, and rub it through your beard.

Beard Comb: Pear wood

Beard Brush: Beechwood, bristles are boar hair

Beard Oil: Jojoba oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, cedar oil, pine needle oil, Glass bottle, Dropper, Vegan, Palm oil free, Cruelty-free, Handmade in PA

Beard Balm: Shea butter, beeswax, apricot oil, cocoa butter, pine oil, Metal tin, Palm oil free, Cruelty free, Handmade in PA

Beard Comb: This comb is compostable. Due to the length of compost time, industrial compost facility recommended.

Beard Brush: This brush is compostable. Due to the length of compost time, industrial compost facility recommended.

Beard Oil: Reuse glass bottle and dropper. Or recycle glass and return dropper to the store so that we can recycle it properly with  Terracycle®.

Beard Balm: Reuse or recycle metal tin.

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