Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Journal


Jot down your thoughts and ideas in this compostable bamboo notebook.  

It's the perfect environmentally friendly way to get that gratitude journal off the ground. The notebook in constructed with an all-natural bamboo case and unbleached, unlined paper.  

Traditional plastic covered notebook with bleached white paper

Keep your notebook dry and clean

Both cover and pages are made from 100% bamboo

We are parents who want better for the generation we are raising and beyond. Our journey started from the realization that a beach should not be filled with litter and washed up plastic waste. That walk led us to find products to start our eco journey. Others were limited and not trustworthy. So, with heart and determination we did better for our family, your family and every family. Bamboo Switch is an Eco Lifestyle brand that encourages people to “make the switch” to a zero-waste life. Our products are thoughtfully designed for utility and beauty. We believe that your eco journey starts small and grows. We are not here to preach or shame but to educate and share. A zero-waste life is our ultimate goal. Sustainability is the foundation of Bamboo Switch. We choose to see the beauty in the world while recognizing the sometimes-sad consequences when we choose convenience over zero waste. Please join us on our journey and let us walk with you on yours.

The entire notebook is compostable or recyclable

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