Marley's Monsters

Facial Rounds


Never buy a cotton ball again when you switch to these reusable cotton facial rounds! Gentler on your skin and the environment, each set comes with 20 facial rounds that can be thrown in the laundry and reused over and over! The bright colors and fun prints will bring a little joy to your bathroom routine. Add a small organic cotton Simple Ecology Laundry Bag to make washing your facial rounds stress free!

Each pad is approximately 3" diameter.

Single use makeup wipes, disposable facial rounds, and cotton balls: Each pack replaces at least 1,000 single use cotton balls or pads repeatedly for years. 

Machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low or air dry. Pads are not pre-washed, so expect some shrinkage. Additionally, since the fabric is not pre-washed it is least absorbent when first used, but cotton flannel gets thicker and more absorbent after a few washes.

Rounds are made from 100% cotton flannel. Edges are surged with polyester thread to prevent fraying.

Paper band, Handmade in OR

Sarah Dooley, owner of Marley’s Monsters, started her sustainable journey in 2013 after the birth of her first child Marley. After making her own cloth baby wipes, she realized she could save both money and waste and started designing functioning cloth versions of other single use items. What started as a project in her living room has turned into a global community of people seeking sustainable solutions together. Fabric products are handmade in their production studio in Eugene, Oregon and wood products are handmade in their home woodshop by Sarah’s husband Chad. Their mission: Empower people to make simple swaps for a better future. 

Remove stitching and compost cotton flannel towel. The thread can be recycled with textile recycling or bring back to store so that we can recycle it properly. The paper band can be composted.

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