Razor Stand


Display your Leaf razor on the counter with this beautiful matching razor stand from Leaf. A small rubber padding on the bottom keeps the stand in place. There is a small hole in the center which keeps water from pooling at the bottom. 

This stand is designed specifically to use with Leaf Razors.

Wipe down periodically with a cloth or towel. The chrome plating will deter rust and imperfections.

Chrome plated stainless steel, Rubber footing

Paper box.

Leaf uses innovation to challenge the status quo. That means re-building products that you use daily from the ground up, and looking creatively at what they can bring to the table that’s new. Leaf packages and ships 100% plastic-free. They measure, record and aggressively offset the carbon footprint of their organization and they financially support climate action non-profit work (The Adaptation Fund in 2019). Designed in Pittsburgh, co-founders Adam and Adam's goal is for every person to ditch disposable plastics for their shave.

Stainless steel is meant to last a lifetime, however, it is infinitely recyclable in metal recycling streams. Find a scrap metal yard who accepts household items or return to the store so we can recycle it properly. Rubber is compostable. 

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