Me.Mother Earth

Eco Dental Floss: Refillable Bamboo Container


This vegan, biodegradable floss will keep your pearly whites shining! The floss is easy to use, comfortable and soothing to your gums. The bamboo container can be refilled over and over again!

55 yds

Plastic floss that comes in plastic packaging

This floss can be composted after each use. When it's time to refill, unscrew bamboo lid and refill with Eco Dental Floss refills.

Floss: Bamboo Charcoal Fiber, Vegan Candililla Wax, and Peppermint Essential Oil

Bamboo container with metal cutter, Paper box, Parchment paper, Vegan, Cruelty-free

Me.Mother Earth is a husband and wife team started by Alberto and Amanda who are local to Las Vegas. They started the company with a collapsible straw kit because they wanted to create something that was convenient enough to bring everywhere and begin to eliminate single-use plastic in their daily lives. Me.Mother Earth has expanded to include a large array of products  that simplify our lives and reduce plastic waste— especially with products we use every day. They donate to ocean conservation and other various environmental organizations.

The floss can be composted after each use. The paper box can be composted or recycled. The parchment paper can be composted. Remove metal cutter and compost bamboo container. Metal cutter can be recycled in metal recycling. Find a scrap metal yard that accepts household items or bring back to store so we can recycle it properly.

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