XO Flo Reusable Menstrual Cup


This reusable menstrual cup is better for your body and the planet! They're also better for your wallet- that's a triple win! A great addition to your zero waste period routine, the menstrual can be washed and reused over and over. 

  • Beginner-friendly design
  • Reusable for 5+ years
  • Made in the USA with comfortable, flexible medical-grade silicone
  • Wear for up to 12 hours at a time, like while sleeping, swimming, or exercising
  • Holds more than 3 super tampons - great for heavy flow

Conventional disposable menstrual products that contain carcinogens, plastics, artificial fragrances, adhesives, and chemical gels

A menstrual cup sits in the vaginal canal to catch menstrual flow. To do this, it’s inserted into the vaginal canal via the vaginal opening and placed beneath the cervix (where menstrual flow comes out).

To insert a menstrual cup, it needs to be folded. Once inserted all the way, it will pop open. The opened rim will form a seal against the vaginal walls, keeping the cup in place and preventing leaks.

Menstrual flow will collect inside the cup. When it’s time to empty the cup, it needs to be removed. Removal involves pinching the cup’s base to break the seal, and then pulling the cup all the way out.

Before first use: Start by washing both of your hands and the cup with a mild, unscented cleanser. Boil a pot of water, and let the cup sit in the boiling water for no more than 10 minutes.

Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your menstrual cup. At the beginning of your cycle, and throughout your period when emptying and reinserting your cup, thoroughly wash it with mild soap and water. It’s best to have a freshly-washed cup and hands for body-safe menstrual cup usage!

At the end of your cycle, wash and dry your menstrual cup before storing it in the drawstring fabric bag provided. Do not store your cup in a plastic bag or airtight container.

XO Flo has two small holes near the opening of the cup which should be kept clean. Do not use a toothpick or other sharp objects to clean the holes as this may damage the cup. Instead, submerge the cup in water and squeeze the water out through the holes. Your menstrual cup may naturally discolor slightly over time. This does not impair its function. Soaking your menstrual cup for a few minutes in hydrogen peroxide diluted in water may help remove stains.

It is not necessary to boil a menstrual cup to clean it. If you choose to boil your menstrual cup, do not boil for longer than 5 minutes. Be aware that boiling may reduce the lifespan or affect the quality of your menstrual cup.

XO Flo is made of 100% medical-grade silicone, which is smooth, flexible, and body-safe.

Founded in 1993, GladRags is a small business with big ideas: to make cloth pads and menstrual cups go mainstream and empower menstruators everywhere. Their mission is to positively transform the experience of menstruation through reusable menstrual products & relevant education. GladRags is proud to make their products in the United States and to source materials from local and/or woman-owned suppliers whenever possible. Since day one, they’ve been independently owned by women.  GladRags is a Certified B Corporation and is committed to integrating environmental and social justice into every aspect of how they do business.

With proper care, XO Flo Menstrual Cups are made to last at least at least 5 years. 

When it’s finally time to say goodbye to your silicone menstrual cup you can burn it to ash. Medical grade silicone is derived from silica, which is found in sand. Silicone is made through a chemical process but from natural materials, so the ash left behind isn’t harmful to the environment.

The best method would be to get a good outdoor fire going and toss your cup in, letting the fire do its thing.


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