Stojo Collapsible Silicone Cup


Quick Description

Collapsible and re-useable silicone cup perfect for your all temperature beverages from your hot coffee to iced tea.

Alternative to single-use containers or your clunky coffee cups that can't collapse. Easy to carry and condense to the size of your hand!

A reusable cup is only as good as how easy it is for you to clean. To clean your Stojo, take it apart (you’re not breaking it, we promise) and place all components on the top rack of your dishwasher, or wash by hand, whichever you prefer. 

Made of food-grade silicone that is LFGB Certified, which is a European safety standard that is far stricter than the FDA’s. This means you can safely use Stojo to enjoy all your favorite foods and beverages, regardless of temperature.

And because safety always comes first, each component is BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free.

In 2012, three Brooklyn dads had a caffeine-fueled idea: a collapsible, leak-proof coffee cup that makes it easy for everyday people to say no to disposable culture. (And look really really good.)

Today, Stojo makes a range of handy, ultra-portable accessories—from bottles to bowls to straws. They’re the ultimate planet-friendly products that make sustainable living easy.

The heat sleeve, lid, and collar are all made of #5 recyclable plastic. The silicone cup, tab, and straw, however, would need to be recycled through a local municipal recycling program, like ECO USA. We recommend reaching out to your community to find out the best way to recycle these.

Stojo is also working on building out a recycling program for their silicone components, and hope to offer more solutions down the road. 

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