Bamboo Cotton Swabs


These all-natural bamboo and cotton swabs are an easy plastic free swap! They come in a compostable cardboard box and there are 200 cotton swabs.

Plastic cotton swabs often use an adhesive and the sticks can be made of plastic

Sustainable bamboo, cotton

Paper box

Zefiro is a Chicago-based woman-owned company! Carley Pulford founded Zefiro after noticing that it became harder and harder to shop for items that were chemical and plastic free. Zefiro's mission is to help us reduce and reuse by offering products that are free of unnecessary packaging, minimize single use waste, and are safe for both us and the planet. The products Zefiro offers are simple swaps and easy to incorporate in everyday life. Zefiro is 1% for the planet.

These cotton swabs and paper box are compostable.

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