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The Little Grower's Cookbook


A game-changing hardcover book with more than sixty simple and sustainable gardening activities, recipes and weekend fun for every season, The Little Grower’s Cookbook is the perfect way to tempt kids away from screens and out into the green for some creative and eco-friendly family time together. Whether it’s a rainy day, the weekend or a holiday, there are fun-filled activities to suit everyone.

Simple step-by-step instructions, colorful photos and plenty of tips and tricks make seasonal growing, harvesting and cooking exciting and easy. Have you ever tried to grow veggies in an old welly boot, made a butterfly banquet or tasted a snail sandwich? With no need for a large garden or a big budget, these projects will teach and inspire children to look at what’s around them in the natural world and have fun with it. They will learn, play and experiment with nature’s bounty through planet-friendly projects that re-use repurposed and recycled materials.

Julia Parker has worked in publishing for more than 25 years, is the author of a monthly article ‘Veg on the Ledge’ for the website of the fast-food chain Leon, has written for Tesco Magazine, and runs popular courses on growing fruit and vegetables. Olivia Colman is an Oscar-winning actor who has written a foreword for this book Ghillie James (right) is the author of five books including Jam, Jelly & Relish and Grains are Good. She was the food editor at Sainsbury’s Magazine and now writes for a variety of publications including the Boston Globe, BBC Good Food Magazine and the Singapore Straits Times.

Donate to your local community library or regift to another lucky little grower.

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