Lovett Sundries

Linen & Room Spray


If you need to freshen up your space without using harsh chemicals or heavy fragrances, look no further than Lovett Sundries natural Room and Linen Spray. Simple ingredients to make your rooms, sheets, and furniture smell crisp and clean.

Store bought sprays with hidden toxic ingredients in plastic containers. Spritz this spray as needed anywhere in your home or at least a foot away from furniture, linens, or other items that need a little freshening up.

Filtered water, witch hazel, neutral spirits, lavender oil. BPA free brushed aluminum bottle. "Regular" has plastic pump.

Lovett Sundries is a family company working out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After asking what was in the soap they bought at the store, and not liking the answer, they started making their own extra gentle bars using old fashioned techniques and ingredients they could pronounce. Lovett Sundries now features a line of handcrafted soaps, grooming, and cleaning products that are all carefully measured, mixed, and packaged by hand. Although they are small, they know that the ingredients, containers, and packaging they use make a big impact on the world.

Refill and reuse!

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