eco-kids Milk Paint


Quick Description

Milk paint dates back to prehistoric times and has been found on cave paintings 20,000 years old! Safe, simple, and environmentally friendly, Eco-Kids Milk Paint emits no noxious vapors or toxic residue. It’s fast-drying, biodegradable and child-friendly.

  • Set has 4 colors: dandelion yellow, grass green, sky blue and sunset red
  • Ages: 3+ yrs
  • Made in United States of America

Alternative to toxic paints with harmful VOC's. 

Eco-Kids Milk Paint is environmentally-friendly paint made from simple, 100% natural milk protein and it's water-based. Milk paint is great for craft activities. Consider milk paint if you want a decorative finish with an intense depth of colour and a low luster. Milk paint also produces a mottled texture and is often used to achieve a “chippy” distressed look.

Mix only what is needed for a single use, though excess unused liquid paint can be stored covered in the fridge for a few days. 

Milk paint uses 100% natural ingredients like clay, milk protein, lime, and pigment—and it's water-based.

eco-kids began in 2008 in Maine by its founders Kip and Cammie Weeks. Their first product was eco-dough, a natural nontoxic alternative to Playdough. Over the next few years they expanded to include several more natural, plant-based, eco-friendly packaged creative tools and art supplies for kids. 

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