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Cora Clip


Coraclip is the natural, sustainable alternative to wasteful virgin-to-landfill plastic bag clips. Make your kitchen and everyday life waste-free while keeping your food fresh by using the beautiful, sustainable coraclip. 

Plastic bag clips (both reusable and single-use). 

Coraclips work on all types of bags - plastic, foil and paper. Whether it's the bulk bag of your favorite chips, a paper bag of nuts from your local co-op or an unavoidable plastic produce bag from a farm stand; use a coraclip to keep your food fresh!

Made of sustainably-sourced Baltic birch and laser cut in Vermont.

Designed by Cora Ball founder Rachael Z. Miller.  She is the original Ocean Protector and has spent a lifetime both loving and standing up for the ocean and its creatures. This time, Rachael took inspiration from her own underwater experiences and encounters with sea creatures to illustrate the drawings that give coraclip a special charm.

Fully compostable and package free

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