Beechwood Toilet Brush Stand


This toilet brush stand is made of untreated FSC certified beechwood from Germany. With a terracotta dish to catch water. 

Toilet brush not included. Available here. 

Plastic toilet brush stands without sustainably sourced materials

Grab the beechwood sustainably sourced toilet brush and pop in the stand, use as needed. Scrub away!

Clean and dry between uses.

Sustainable beechwood FSC certified beechwood. Terracotta dish used to catch water.

This item is package free! 

Zefiro is a Chicago-based woman-owned company! Carley Pulford founded Zefiro after noticing that it became harder and harder to shop for items that were chemical and plastic free. Zefiro's mission is to help us reduce and reuse by offering products that are free of unnecessary packaging, minimize single use waste, and are safe for both us and the planet. The products Zefiro offers are simple swaps and easy to incorporate in everyday life. Zefiro is 1% for the planet.

The beechwood stand is compostable. Terracotta can be recycled or repurposed in the garden or used in a compost pile or in pots for added drainage.

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