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Laundry Soap Nuts


From the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, which is native to Nepal and India, come these naturally‒cleansing nuts. Also called soapberry nut husks, they are indeed the husk (shell) from soapberry nuts. Once picked and left to dry in the sun, these amazing shells contain a natural cleaning agent called saponin that produces an effect comparable to soap. Simply use 2‒3 nuts in a small cotton bag when washing with hot water and 4‒5 nuts in cold water. Gentle on skin, great for baby clothes.

For Laundry:

Use 4-5 soap nuts in provided muslin bag and throw in washing machine with clothes.

For All-Purpose Cleaner:

Put a handful of soap nuts in 2 cups of hot water and boil the mixture for 10-15 minutes. Allow to cool, strain and add liquid to bottle. Use to clean your house from top to bottom!

Comes in a natural cotton drawstring bag 8" x 8" and includes a smaller bag to put the nuts into for washing.

An eco‒friendly alternative to laundry detergent, all‒natural Laundry Soap Nuts. Can also replace multi-purpose cleaner. 

Keep dry. When done with laundry load, set the nuts aside to dry or reuse immediately in the next load. 

All natural soap berry nuts, from the Sapindus mukorossi tree native to the foothills of the Himalayas.

Ethically sourced from New SADLE, a fair trade enterprise in Nepal providing employment, education and medical support to marginalized communities. Partnering with Ten Thousand Villages. Ten Thousand Villages is a global maker-to-market movement that addresses economic injustice. Because every handcrafted object has a life of meaning behind it. We’re a way for you to shop with intention for ethically-sourced handcrafted wares - and to share in the joy of empowering makers in ten thousand villages.

When the shell is paper thin and appears grayer, it's time to replace and compost the used nuts. 

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