Simple Ecology

Organic Cotton Laundry Bag Set


Prolong the lifespan of your clothing while keeping microplastic out of the ocean! Use these organic cotton laundry bags to separate your delicates or small items and protect them during the wash and dry cycles. 

Set comes with 3 sizes: 8"x10" 12"x14" 16"x18"

Laundry bags made with synthetic materials

Place clothing & items inside before use in the washer and pull the double drawstring closed. Tie the drawstring into a bow for a secure closure and to avoid the strings from wrapping around the rest of the laundry. After washing, the bag can be placed straight into the dryer, or line dried along with the contents. Made of pre-washed cotton mesh fabric, these laundry bags will not shrink with hot washer or dryer temperatures. To prevent damage to the bag, fully zip, button, and hook all items with metal hardware attached.

100% GOTS organic cotton

This item is package free! 

Simple Ecology is a family owned and run corporation. Established in 2008, their goal, as a company known for reusable and eco-friendly products, is to function as sustainably as possible. All of their Organic Cotton Produce and Tote Bags are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) Certified for ecological and social responsibility. This means that the entire growing, manufacturing, and packaging process meet the highest standards for material purity, energy conservation, and ethical working conditions.

These laundry bags can be composted at an industrial composting facility or are recyclable as a textile. You can also bring them back to the store so that we can recycle them properly.

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