Bestowed Essentials

Dish Soap Block


Your eco-friendly kitchen isn't complete without one of these solid dish soaps! Hand washing dishes is now a little bit more fun knowing you've switched to another zero-waste essential for the planet.

Keep your dish soap block high and dry with our Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf.

11.5 oz

Dish soap made with synthetic ingredients that comes in plastic packaging

Rub a damp sponge or dish scrubber on top of the soap block to create a lather, then use that lather to wash your dishes like normal. A little lather goes a long way, no need to overuse!

Keep dish soap block on a well draining dish to allow it to dry between uses and to ensure a long shelf life.

Olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, french green clay, pacific sea salt

This product is package free! Vegan, Cruelty free, Made in the USA

Bestowed Essentials is a female-veteran-owned social enterprise that creates eco-friendly home goods for you & living wage jobs for people of all abilities. While in the US Navy, Callee discovered the benefits of natural skincare for her acne-prone skin. Unable to find products that met all her requirements as a zero waste vegan, she decided to create her own. Less than four years after starting this business from the back of a van, Bestowed Essentials now has a warehouse and their products are available at over 200 stores. They are based in Rapid City, South Dakota.

This item is package free!

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