3-in-1 Stainless Steel Lunchbox


This three-piece nesting bento lunch box set is perfect for lunches, snacks, and picnics! The three compartments make it easy to pack a variety of foods and keep them all separate - and safe from squishing! 

Measures 4" wide X 5.5" long X 2.75" high

Plastic lunchboxes and disposable to-go containers

Dishwasher and oven safe. Not for use in the microwave.

The total capacity for this bento set is 31 oz. Bottom section can hold 1.5 cups, top section can hold 1.75 cups, and the snack container can hold 3/4 cups.

100% food grade stainless steel

Paper label, Free of BPA (bisphenol-A), BPS (bisphenol-S) and phthalates

ECOlunchbox is a Certified B Corporation and California Green Certified Business working on plastic pollution aversion. Founded in 2008 by Sandra Ann Harris, an eco mom and environmentalist, ECOlunchbox offers plastic-free food containers that are non-toxic and healthy for people and planet.

Stainless steel is meant to last a lifetime, however, it is infinitely recyclable in metal recycling streams. Find a scrap metal yard that accepts household items or bring back to the store so that we can recycle it properly. Paper label can be composted.

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